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Thursday Thoughts – Shared Influence partnership

September 8, 2022

While very few Minnesotans look forward to summer coming to an end, a lot of us do look forward to The Great Minnesota Get Together, the annual @mnstatefair. It’s a time where people from every walk of life can congregate in the same area to enjoy eating, drinking, and laughing with family and friends! It’s unlikely that you will look around and see anyone not having the time of their lives and that’s an incredible sight to see!

Unfortunately, the opioid crisis, combined with COVID-19, has created challenges for our communities, causing increases in drug use, overdoses, and infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. But together, we can fight back against overdose and disease for the people and places we love. This is why I have chosen to partner with @sharedinfluence – a network of community-minded individuals ready to use their social media for good.

As @sharedinfluence says, we need solutions that work. Things like access to life-saving medications that can reverse an overdose, and others that can help someone stop using drugs altogether if they choose. Other things like test strips that can identify whether fentanyl, a deadly opioid that causes many overdoses, is in someone’s drug supply. And for those who aren’t ready or able to stop using drugs, we can make drug use less dangerous by providing access to clean supplies like syringes to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis C.

Please join me in spreading the word about how beneficial harm reduction services can be and how important it is to make sure that, no matter the reason someone decides to use drugs, there are resources available that can help decrease their chance of an overdose or getting a life-altering disease – which means a healthier community for all of us.

Join the effort to help create stronger, healthier communities and sign up for @sharedinfluence at

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