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Thursday Thoughts – KISS Beauty Products Lash Couture Masterpiece collection

August 25, 2022

Thank you so very much to @kissproducts for sending me your new Lash Couture Masterpiece collection!

More about the line:
“The world’s finest lashes are here! KISS Masterpiece lashes are the highest quality lashes, ever! Innovative Long Tapered Technology gives each lash fiber a seamless taper that looks more natural than any other lash. Reusable up to 20 times”

What I received:
🔘 Lash in Pret-A-Porter ($9.99 –
⚫️ This is the style I’m wearing in the photo
🔘 Lash in Avant-Garde ($9.99 –
🔘 Lash in Haute Couture ($9.99 –
🔘 Super Flex Strip Lash Adhesive in Black (I can’t find this adhesive in black anywhere online, but I can find it in Clear: $5.99 –
🔘 Strip Lash Adhesive in Clear ($5.99 –
⚫️ This was the glue I used in the photo
🔘 Compact mirror

My verdict?
I’ve mentioned before that, while I think they look stunning on so many people, fake lashes are just not something I want to incorporate into my routine. However, I did want to try on a pair so that I could see how easy there were to put on from the perspective of someone that has only applied lashes a few times in their life, if they were lightweight, how well the glue held them down for the few hours I wore them, and if they would even be remotely practical for me to continuing using for the remaining 19 wears. So yes, much to my surprise, they were very easy to apply! I cut them down to fit my eye better and I think that helped a lot. The glue was also really good. It got tacky in around 30 seconds and then remained just moveable enough for the next minute or so. Unfortunately, because I am so not used to wearing them, they felt very heavy. However, I thought I would apply them and think they looked ridiculous, but I was pleasantly surprised by how nice they looked! I am not sure I’ll ever wear them again, but it was fun getting out of my comfort zone!

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