Try Out Tuesday – KISS Beauty Products Simple Enough Classy Ready-To-Wear Fake Nails

August 23, 2022

I was in a rush to pack, self-tan, shower, shave my legs, do my hair, etc. (you know, all the travel necessities) before I left for New Orleans last week, so something had to give and take me less time than I had allotted because I also wanted to make sure that I got a good night’s sleep before the flight! While I had planned on giving myself a relaxing, spa-like manicure, that’s where I knew I could cut time because I have now built up a nice little collection of @kissproducts fake nails! I skipped over my normal medium length options and settled for a more practical, yet still beautiful, short length with their Simple Enough Classy Ready-To-Wear Fake Nails ($8.49 –!

What’s on my nails:
πŸ”˜ @glamnetic Brush-On Nail Glue ($7 for .24 ounces –
⚫️ TSA approved
⚫️ Brush applicator
⚫️ Two (2)-week hold
πŸ”˜ @kissproducts Simple Enough Classy Ready-To-Wear Fake Nails ($8.49 –
⚫️ On-trend natural French nails are short & square
⚫️ Lasts for up to a week
⚫️ Short length
⚫️ Application takes just minutes
⚫️ Kit includes: 28 Nails, Pink Gel Glue (0.07 oz), Mini File, Manicure Stick

My verdict?
I love the length, shape, fit, and design of these! They gave me exactly what I was looking for – quick, easy-to-apply, professional, and polished-looking nails! I had one (1) come off three (3) days into wear, but that’s probably more on the person applying them (me) than the nails or glue themselves – considering none of the others even feel slightly loose (and I’m six (6) days into wear now). My only gripe with these is that the French tip started fading almost immediately. If it weren’t for that, I would give these five (5) stars! I look forward to trying some of @kissproducts’ other short styles, but will likely be passing on any short French tip designs going forward.

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