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What I Got Wednesday – Two (2) tattoos w/ Deadeye Tattoo owner Ashton Gruye

June 29, 2022

Back on January 26th, I showed you designs that had been done by brunacm on @fiverr (https://www.instagram.com/p/CZNIV3Qp238/) and, I am very happy to report that, last week, @gruyay, owner of @deadeye.tattoo, actually tattooed two (2) of the designs on me! Every aspect of this tattoo process, from concept, to the design, to the tattooing itself was enjoyable and I highly recommend it to anyone who gets anxious when it comes to the tattoo design process as well!

Thank you so very much to @gruyay for taking the designs I provided you, altering them slightly to make sure they would look the best they could for the longest possible amount of time (I told him he could change whatever he needed or wanted to because he’s an incredibly talented artist and I suggest you tell that to your artist, too), and giving me the cleanest, most precise ink I could have ever imagined! These two (2) pieces are now tied for my favorites with my Ireland tattoo!

If you are in need of a tattoo artist in the Twin Cities, look no further than @gruyay!

📸: @gruyay

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