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Tattoo Tuesday – Tattoo in Ireland

May 17, 2022

When we were in Ireland in March of this year, we saw and did a lot in the nearly two (2) weeks we were lucky enough to be in those beautiful countries! Most everything we planned to do while there was scheduled ahead of time, but there was something that wasn’t even remotely on our radar until we started to see a myriad of signs advertising this service. As you can tell by the photo, it was tattoos! Of the six (6) of us that ventured overseas together, four (4) of us got inked – two (2) of those people never having been tattooed before! After as much research as you can do in such a short period of time, we decided upon @theinkfactory in Dublin and, if I’m ever there again, I will absolutely return because the experience was amazing!

For me, this tattoo was special in so many ways. It was the first I had gotten spontaneously, the first I had gotten internationally, the first I could actually see without having to look in a mirror, and, hopefully, the first of the sleeve I plan to add to as I continue to travel! Thank you to @ivancaballerotattoo for giving me one of the most beautiful tattoos I’ve ever seen!

Expect to see more “Tattoo Tuesdays” in the future as I have a consultation with @gruyay this weekend and then @sdockendorf and I have tattoo appointments scheduled for November with @ellie_cat_tat and @teeejtattoos at @studio65tattoo!

Have you ever gotten a tattoo while traveling – either planned or unplanned? What was your experience? Also, do you have a tattoo artist near you that you’re obsessed with? Comment below with the IG handle so I can check out their work and maybe plan my next travel tattoo where they are located!

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