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Try Out Tuesday – Wella Color Fresh Mask in Golden Gloss

May 10, 2022

Thank you to @wella and @bzzagent for gifting me the @wella Color Fresh Mask in Golden Gloss ($24.50 for 5.07 ounces –!

What it claims:
πŸ”˜ Use this at-home treatment weekly to easily create Golden Gloss tones in light blonde hair and balayage in just 10 minutes!
πŸ”˜ It’s a zero-damage hair mask for a temporary color refresh
πŸ”˜ The cream has a delightful fresh fragrance
πŸ”˜ Free from silicones and animal-derived ingredients
πŸ”˜ Enriched with avocado oil

My verdict?
This product, on @ultabeauty’s website, is available in five (5) shades – Pearl Blonde, Golden Gloss (the one I received), Rose Blaze, Caramel Glaze, and Caramel Touch. The mistake I believe I made was doing this mask for the first time almost immediately after getting my hair colored, as I am sure that made it so the results weren’t as transformative as they could have been. However, when comparing the first photo to the photo I posted last Thursday, I can see there is added warmth and I really like it! I look forward to waiting a while before trying this again and seeing if the difference is more obvious.

Have you tried this mask or something like it? If you have, did you love your results? See no results at all? The reviews for this product are all over the place, so I would love to hear your thoughts!

FYI, I receive a small commission when you shop via the link listed above. There is no additional cost to you, but it supports me and my blog and I greatly appreciate it!

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