Mani Monday – KISS Beauty Products Disco Ball Voguish Fantasy Nail Kit

April 25, 2022

Does having long nails make it difficult to type, pick things up and leave me constantly worried one is going to pop off when I don’t have nail glue close by? Yes. But none of that outweighs how fancy they make me feel for how quick and easy they are to apply!

What’s on my nails:
🔘 @kissproducts Disco Ball Voguish Fantasy Nail Kit ($9.49 –
⚫️ Go vogue with medium coffin gel nails in style ‘Disco Ball’
⚫️ Ready-to-wear gel nails
⚫️ Waterproof, smudge proof, & no dry time
⚫️ Lasts for up to a week
⚫️ Includes: 28 fake nails, pink gel glue, prep pad, mini file, and manicure stick
🔘 I didn’t use the nail glue included in the package because I much prefer the brush applicator on the @glamnetic Brush-On Nail Glue ($7 –
⚫️ One-step solution to making press-on nail application easy breezy and seamless
⚫️ Simply brush on the nail glue the same way you would apply nail polish to ensure a 2 week hold

My verdict?
I was a little nervous when I ordered this set that the size of my nails wouldn’t line up with the sizes of the different colors, but I am pleased to report that they did and I think they all look amazing! To prep my nails, I removed my previous nail polish, used a cuticle remover, pushed my cuticles back, washed my hands, buffed my natural nails, used an alcohol wipe, scuffed up my natural nails, and then used another alcohol wipe before brushing glue on both my nail and the fake nail. Once they were properly aligned, I held each one down for 30 seconds and voila! Perfect manicure in so much less time than it normally takes me! They feel super secure and I’m sure I’ll get at least a week of wear out of them.

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