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Thursday Thoughts – I Dew Care No Bad Hair Days bundle

April 21, 2022

#IDewCaregiftedme their @idewcare No Bad Hair Days bundle (normally $46, but on sale for $41.40 – & being excited to have received this should come as no surprise since I use a lot of dry shampoo. The fact that my hair can hold a style for nearly a week makes it impossible for me to want to keep washing & styling. However, what that means for my scalp is an excessive build-up of product &, occasionally, a flaky & itchy scalp.

What’s in the bundle:
🔘 Get To The Root ($20 –
⚫️ A 3-in-1 scalp scrub that cleanses, massages, & protects the scalp. It’s formulated with Korean Sea Salt, Black Ginseng, & Charcoal powder to exfoliate any build-up while stimulating the hair from scalp to ends for healthy hair
🔘 Tap Secret ($16 –
⚫️ A mattifying dry shampoo powder formulated w/ Root Boosting Powder, Black Ginseng, & Biotin to quickly refresh, absorb excess oil, & help hair look fuller leaving your hair looking clean & refreshed
🔘 Bristle Boost ($10 –
⚫️ A scalp massager that provides deep cleansing & massage to hard-to-reach areas w/out irritation to the scalp

My verdict?
This is such an excellent bundle for people just like me! Each product serves a purpose & does so very well. The 1st time using the scrub, I used too much. The 2nd time, I used about half as much as the first time & that was the right amount. However, I still think there is too little product for the price you would pay for it separately. If they came out with a larger bottle for less per ounce, I would buy it! Speaking of the dry shampoo, it’s incredible! I’ve never seen an applicator like this! That paired with the product actually being really good means this is a total winner! This will definitely become my new travel dry shampoo. Finally, the massager is a nice, functional addition to this bundle.

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