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Worth the Hype Wednesday – rms beauty Living Luminizer Highlighter & Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara

April 13, 2022

Thank you to @rmsbeauty and @bzzagent for gifting me the @rmsbeauty Living Luminizer Highlighter in Living Luminizer ($38 for .17 ounces –, described as an “ultra sheer, light-reflective luminizer with a translucent satin-pearl finish” and @rmsbeauty Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara ($26 for .34 ounces –! I already knew I loved the mascara ( and had read some pretty incredible reviews for the highlighter, so I was very happy when I received it to test out!

Highlighter claims:
🔘 “This first-of-its-kind, cream luminizer highlights your favorite features with a delicate and natural glow without grease or glitter. It is formulated with skin-loving ingredients that nourish as they illuminate for a lit-from-within glow.”

Mascara claims:
🔘 “This mascara uses a powerful mix of living ingredients to create thick, full, long lashes, while pro-peptides help strengthen, revitalize, densify, and nourish. It uses rms beauty’s exclusive tri-locking system to help you get smudge-free, flake-free, super long wear.”

My verdict?
As I mentioned above, I thoroughly enjoy this mascara! For all the reasons I do, go to the link listed above. As for the highlighter, I can’t lie – I was nervous to test it out! I had finished my full face of makeup and didn’t want to ruin it with a product like this picking up the product that lay underneath it. So, I proceeded with caution, lightly tapping the product onto my cheekbone with my ring finger. I was pleasantly surprised with how easily it blended out and that was on top of powder! I’ve now used it without powder and it blends out beautifully then as well. When I was done applying it, I thought it was nice. Nothing amazing. However, then I caught a glimpse of the glow in a mirror. It was stunning and had lasted all day! While it is expensive, you need very little to make an impact. If a product like this intrigues you, I recommend you look into this!

FYI, I receive a small commission when you shop via the links listed above.

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