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Travel Tuesday – Waterford, Ireland

April 5, 2022

From 3/9 through 3/22, I was in Ireland with @silsetham & several friends! It was an incredible experience and I highly recommend it to anyone that has any interest in travel! In order to share as many pictures as I can & to make sure that Facebook reminds me of these memories for years to come, I’ll be breaking up the cities we visited into their own separate posts!

We departed Minneapolis on March 9th & had a layover in Boston before landing in Dublin around 10am on 3/10. As soon as we landed in Dublin, we took a train to our first destination – Waterford. As everyone recommends, we all tried to sleep on the airplane so that we could hit the ground running & get as much out of our first stop as possible! We stayed in Waterford the remainder of 3/10, 3/11 & took a train to our next destination the morning of 3/12.

  1. @silsetham & I in front of the River Suir
  2. The first place we ate when we got off the train that took us from the airport to Dublin was The Galway Hooker, which was located in Heuston Station
  3. @sdockendorf & Dustin at the Waterford railway station
  4. After a long day of travel, we were parched, so we all made our way to @kattybarrysbarwaterford
  5. @silsetham & Dustin inside of @kattybarrysbarwaterford – where the drinks were just what we needed & the people were so inviting & friendly
  6. @sdockendorf & @silsetham at our coffee stop on 3/11 – @badass_burritos
  7. After breakfast, we walked around the town, finally able to, after a full night’s rest, take in how lucky we were to be in such a beautiful country
  8. We stopped for drinks at The Hub Bar
  9. Later in the afternoon on 3/11, we booked the @waterfordcrystal Guided Factory Tour & got to see the incredible craftsman at work
  10. We ended the night eating dinner at the Dry Dock Bar at @dooleys_hotel

We also checked out Viking Triangle & Reginald’s Tower, & ate & drank at @geoffs_cafe_bar, @theregwaterford & @revolution_waterford.

What’s not pictured is any of the food we ate or drinks we consumed. I’ll save those for separate posts because they were all amazing & deserve special attention!

If you’ve been to Ireland, what was your favorite part?

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