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What I’m Wearing Wednesday – Outfit details

March 30, 2022

Just a little over a week ago, it was 60 degrees and sunny in Minnesota. Today? We will hit a high of 38 degrees with a mix of rain and snow throughout the day and night. Can I just go back to sleep and someone can wake me up when spring is here to stay?

Outfit details:
🔘 Top: @express Skimming Linen-Blend V-Neck Tee ($30, but currently on sale for BOGO 50% off –
⚫️ I first purchased this top in white back in September and loved it so much, I knew I needed to add more colors to my collection! A lot of the t-shirts I already own are too long to comfortably tuck into my high-waisted pants, so I had been on the hunt for a not-so-cropped crop top and this met that need perfectly! Just enough fabric for a front tuck, but not too much where you can see it bunching up underneath your pants.
🔘 Belt: @express Double O-Ring Belt ($40, but currently on sale for BOGO 50% off –
⚫️ I own a small selection of belts that I rarely wear, but then I saw an outfit on someone that I thought was so fabulous and she was wearing a belt with it, so I knew I had to start incorporating them! This one from @express looks very expensive and stands out without taking all of the attention away from the other pieces in the ensemble.
🔘 Jeans: @express High Waisted Dark Wash Supersoft Bootcut Jeans ($80, but currently on sale for BOGO 50% off –
⚫️ These are some of the most comfortable and flattering jeans I have ever put on my body! Although they say they’re bootcut, I have been wearing skinny and straight leg jeans for so long that they really do feel flared to me. Let’s just call it an exaggerated boot. Either way, I love them! The stretch, the wash, the rise – all perfection!

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