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First Impression Friday – Nailtopia Beauty Boosting Blueberry Oil

March 25, 2022

When I saw that the first question in the description of this product on @ultabeauty’s website was: “Do you have dry, cracking nails, cuticles and/or skin?,” I knew that I needed to start using it immediately because all of those apply to me! Thank you to @nailtopiabeauty for sending their Boosting Blueberry Oil ($10 for .41 ounces – my way to test out!

What it claims:
🔘 Specially designed oil-serum that is eco-consciously formulated to reduce redness, calms inflammation & nourishes skin
🔘 Blueberry Oil has Vitamin C, E and antioxidants to help naturally hydrate damaged, aging skin and nails
🔘 This vitamin and antioxidant-rich berry helps fight damaged skin cells to prevent premature aging, naturally hydrate, calm inflamed skin and minimize discoloration
🔘 85% biosourced & plant-based
🔘 Superfood-infused
🔘 100% vegan
🔘 Cruelty-free
🔘 Leaping Bunny Approved
🔘 PETA Certified

My verdict?
As someone who struggles a lot with brittle nails and dry cuticles, it’s as if this product was created just for me. I also tend to over trim the skin around my nails and, in turn, the area gets irritated. I brought this to Ireland with me, but my nails were painted the entire time, so I wasn’t able to follow the instructions exactly (they say to apply to clean skin and bare nails). I had hoped it would replace needing to carry hand lotion around with me, but it didn’t really provide me the same type of hydration. However, I did still see a noticeable reduction in the redness and dryness around my nails. Also, I just removed my gel polish yesterday and my nails do seem less dry. Not sure if it was because of the oil or because they were protected by the gel polish, but I am definitely excited to keep trying it out! Best of all? It smells amazingly fruity!

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