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Mani Monday – Beyond Polish gel nail polishes and jewelry

March 14, 2022

Ever since @sdockendorf recommended @beyondpolish to me years ago, I have been buying most of my gel polish there because it has everything I could ever need! So, when I was presented the opportunity to partner with them, I jumped at the chance! They said I could pick out two (2) polishes and two (2) pieces of jewelry (who knew they had jewelry, too?!) and this is what I picked out!

🔘 On my nails: @gelishprofessional Gunter’s Get Down ($16.95 for .5 ounces –
⚫️ Yellow gold shimmer
⚫️ When I saw @phoebemoon14 swatch this polish in the non-gel form from @mtmorgantaylor, I fell in love! It sparkles so much and is bold, while still going with everything! I will wear this many more times in the future.
🔘 Swatched: @opi GelColor Mauvenetic Poles ($18.99 for .5 ounces –
⚫️ A mesmerizing mauve magnetic gel nail polish with a touch of gold velvety magic
⚫️ This polish comes to life when you use it in conjunction with a magnet and it is absolutely breathtaking! It’s subtle because the color is so understated, but get it in the right light and it almost glows!
🔘 Tie The Knot Pendant Necklace ($12 –
⚫️ I own a lot of layering necklaces in gold tone, but very few in silver, so I was very excited to add this to my collection! It feels sturdy and will stand out when layered with other pieces.
🔘 Chain Ring Set ($14 –
⚫️ These feel so high quality for the price! I don’t wear a ton of rings, but my nieces do, so I am excited to give these as a gift to them!

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