Thursday Thoughts – BUXOM Cosmetics Wanderlust Primer Infused Blush in Mykonos

March 10, 2022

While I have been having a pretty intense love affair with cream blushes lately, I am still an equal opportunity blusher and couldn’t resist picking up the highly rated @buxomcosmetics Wanderlust Primer Infused Blush in Mykonos ($23 for .12 ounces –!

What it claims:
🔘 A silky, primer-infused powder blush that locks in luminous, true color for 12-hour wear
🔘 A colorless base allows formula to seamlessly blend and flatter different skin tones
🔘 Subtle, beachy scent
🔘 Formulated without parabens, mineral oil, petroleum and sulfates

My verdict?
I am not normally someone who is drawn to luminous blushes, but I love so much from @buxomcosmetics that I thought that, if it worked, I could pack it to travel without having to also pack a highlighter and I was right! The color is super pretty and it blends with incredible ease! It also gives me the most beautiful, lit from within glow that makes it so that a highlighter isn’t necessary (although I’ll still normally probably wear both because I’m a sucker for lots and lots of shine). Not that I need any more blushes, but I would be a very happy girl to have more of these in my collection!

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