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What’s Empty Wednesday

March 9, 2022

🔘 @officialpureromance Conditioning Shave Cream in Dirty French (
⚫️ While I love the scent of this and think the performance is really good, I am not a huge fan of MLMs and think the price is too high, so I won’t be repurchasing. ❌
🔘 @maybelline Fit Me Concealer (
⚫️ I decluttered this concealer because it was definitely past its expiration date. While I do recall enjoying this years ago, I have no idea if it would work for how I do my makeup now. However, it’s still so popular that I plan to repurchase and test it again! ✅
🔘 @origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash (
⚫️ It’s rare that Alex and I both rave about a product, but we do about this one! It cleanses without stripping and, because of that, is an excellent second cleanse. ✅
🔘 @toofaced Lip Injection Power Plumping Lip Gloss (
⚫️ I bought this when it was on sale because I am a big fan of their entire lip injection line and was very happy to have fell hard for this product, too! It’s got the perfect amount of pigment and just the right amount of tingle. ✅
🔘 @drdeneseskincare Firming Facial Microdermabrasion Cream (*
⚫️ This was a nice face scrub, but not amazing enough to warrant the high price tag. ❌

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* = gifted

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