Friday Favorite – Glamnetic Reusable Press-On Nails in Sprinkles

February 25, 2022

After my very positive experiences with both @impressmanicure ( and @staticnailsofficial (, I couldn’t wait to try out what @glamnetic had to offer because the styles they have on @ultabeauty’s website ( are so fun!

What’s on my nails:
🔘 @glamnetic Reusable Press-On Nails in Sprinkles ($15)
⚫️ Meant to last up to 2 weeks with each set crafted from high-quality materials to prevent bending/splitting
⚫️ The Sprinkles Nail Set feature a french tip with pops of bright colors to match your happiest of vibe in short, almond-shape
⚫️ Reusable and easy to reapply
⚫️ Waterproof
⚫️ For $15, you get 24 nails, nail glue, a double-sided nail file, cuticle stick and alcohol pad

My verdict?
While this set does come with nail glue, I saw so many positive reviews for the brand’s Brush-On Nail Glue ($7 – that I picked that up and used it to apply this set. If you have ever struggled with applying fake nails because the glue is hard to control and gets everywhere, their Brush-On Nail Glue is for you! It is mess-free and very effective! As for the nails themselves, I am obsessed and so is almost everyone else that has seen me wearing them! They are a fun twist on a classic look and the shape and length are perfection for me. I first applied them before leaving for Las Vegas last Thursday, so I have been wearing them for a full eight (8) days and they feel just as secure as they did the day I put them on! I have yet to test if they are truly reusable, but I will let everyone know in a future empties post. I highly recommend these and can’t wait to try more styles!

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