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What I’m Wearing Wednesday – Honeylove SuperPower Short

February 23, 2022

#honeylovegiftedme their @honeylove SuperPower Short ($89 – and, as someone who gets very self-conscious when wearing certain clothing items that hug my body in the most unflattering way, I couldn’t wait to see if this would provide me an instant confidence boost!

What it claims:
🔘 Sculptwear’s targeted compression works using panels of varying compression to shape where you want shaping and release everywhere else
🔘 Flexible bones in the side seams keep your garment up without fail – move, bend, stretch
🔘 Targeted compression shapes where you want shaping and leaves space at the waistband and leg hems to remove the “muffin effect”
🔘 Patent-pending BoostBands encircle upper back legs, creating a sculpted effect while lifting the booty
🔘 Bathroom-friendly

My verdict?
After sending my measurements to the @honeylove team, I was told I was a large and that is the size I received for review. As with all shapewear I have ever tried, it’s tough to get on, so be ready for a workout when it comes to that step in your get-ready process. Once I got it on, I was surprised at the level of comfort I experienced. The only places I experienced discomfort was where the straps were (they dug into my armpits, even when loosened), my thighs because the leg openings dug into me (not physically uncomfortable, but I didn’t like the way it made my legs look and the area on my back where my bra ended and the shapewear began. I think the strap pain and back fat issues could be resolved if this was offered in tall (I am 5’8″). As for the positives, the “bathroom-friendly” feature was fantastic, it really did make my entire midsection flattened and smoothed out and my butt absolutely felt lifted! I won’t be wearing this piece every day, but I do look forward to having something like this for special occasions!

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