Mani Monday – Static Nails Reusable Pop-On Manicure in Sway

January 3, 2022

I had such a fantastic experience the last time I wore fake nails that I applied at home ( that I couldn’t wait to try out other styles and brands!

What’s on my nails:
🔘 @staticnailsofficial Sway (White) Reusable Pop-On Manicure ($16 for 24 nails –
⚫️ Reusable
⚫️ Non-damaging
⚫️ Last up to 18 days
⚫️ Can be worn weeks straight or a few days at a time
⚫️ Durable
⚫️ Natural-looking
⚫️ Apply in seconds (no damaging UV light required)
⚫️ Provide the perfect length and shape
⚫️ Customizable
⚫️ Do not get caught in hair
⚫️ Waterproof
⚫️ Non-Toxic

My verdict?
Let me first talk about how these nails look. I’m obsessed! From the shape to the base color to the design, they are a unique and beautiful take on a traditional French manicure. As for the wear time, today is January 3rd and I first applied these on December 29th. I have had zero issues – none of them have even begun to lift, let alone pop off. They are longer than I ever thought I would go with fake nails and, while they do make things like typing and putting in my earrings slightly more difficult, I still don’t want to take them off and would absolutely recommend them to all of you!

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