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Skincare Sunday – Tropic Labs Washed Up Shower Oil

January 2, 2022

#tropiclabsgiftedme their @tropiclabs Washed Up Shower Oil ($30 for 6.7 ounces – and, as someone who loves multifunctional products, I couldn’t wait to try it out!

More about @tropiclabs:
“We combine unique tropical ingredients with advanced, clinically-proven actives to formulate each of our products. That might sound a little complicated but it basically means there are a lot of cool (and safe) chemicals out there, and we want to make cool (and safe) things with them, while educating our customers along the way.”

What it claims:
🔘 Gently cleanses dirt and oil
🔘 Doesn’t strip or irritate the skin
🔘 Provides lasting hydration
🔘 Doubles as a shave or bath oil

My verdict?
I enjoy several things about this product – the scent (described as “…Coconut Orchid scent. Gently floral, nutty nuances, super comforting.”), the company’s focus on using recyclable materials and packaging, their sustainability pledge and how hydrated my skin feels after using it. However, what I wasn’t too impressed with was the actual performance. It’s a very thin oil and that made it difficult to apply without having it run everywhere. That also made it so I had to use a lot of product to shave with because it almost disappeared when I tried to rub it in. Finally, I don’t feel very cleansed after I use it. Overall, not a terrible product and something I will use up, but I won’t be purchasing with my own money after.

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