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Wonderful Wednesday – Petal it Forward Day w/ Bachman’s Floral, Gift & Garden

October 20, 2021

Happy Petal it Forward Day! What’s Petal it Forward Day?! I’m glad you asked! According to the @societyofamericanflorists:

“For the last six years, thousands of floral industry members in all 50 states have organized their teams on one day in October to take part in Petal It Forward, SAF’s goodwill initiative where participants hand two flowers or bouquets to an unsuspecting stranger, urging them to keep one and share the other with someone else. It’s a powerful way to illustrate the positive health benefits of giving and receiving flowers. Science has proven that flowers reduce stress and anxiety and make people happy. Let’s come together as an industry and spread the power of flowers.”

@shopbachmans so generously invited me to participate in this event and I excitedly said yes because my sister, Kristi, loves flowers, so I couldn’t wait to give the 2nd bouquet to her!

If you have the funds, I highly recommend you participate in this event! Just like SAF said, gestures like this are needed now more than ever. I also suggest you make your purchase at Bachman’s Floral, Gift & Garden because the selection is excellent, so there will be something for whoever you decide to Petal it Forward to!


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