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Try Out Tuesday – Peach & Lily KP Bump Boss Microderm Body Scrub

October 5, 2021

Thank you to @peachandlily for sending me your KP Bump Boss Microderm Body Scrub ($28 for 8.11 ounces –! As someone who struggles with KP, I love testing out new products that claim they can reduce its appearance!

What it claims:
🔘 Powerful formula instantly resurfaces and exfoliates
🔘 Reveal skin that looks and feels dramatically smoother, softer, and silkier
🔘 Inspired by the iconic Korean bath scrub, this spa-grade formula combines the benefits of a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, and skin-softening treatment in one
🔘 Gentle, vegan formula is fragrance-free, scent-free, and non-comedogenic
🔘 10% AHA (7% glycolic acid + 3% lactic acid), PHA and fruit extracts work instantly to help loosen dead skin cells and unclog pores and bumps
🔘 100% Worry Free: Peach & Lily formulas are clean, non-toxic, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified
🔘 Excludes 1,550+ ingredients: no sulfates, fragrances, formaldehyde, dyes or colorants, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, and more – ever

My verdict?
I have tried so many products like this and there is one thing that makes this stand out – it’s unscented! Normally fragrance doesn’t bother me, but the scents that I have experienced with similar products aren’t pleasant, so being without scent is a big plus for this one! The price, for the amount of product you get, is another positive. Finally, of course, the performance. It’s great! Most I’ve tried work well, so the lack of scent, ingredients and what the brand stands for are the reasons I would likely repurchase this over the others I’ve tried so far in the future!

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