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Try Out Tuesday – KORA Organics Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream

September 28, 2021

#KORAOrganicsgiftedme their @koraorganics Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream ($54 for .5 ounces at @sephora – and, as a HUGE fan of their Turmeric Glow Moisturizer that features similar packaging (, I couldn’t wait to see if I would love this just as much!

What it claims:
🔘 An eye cream with a 5.5 percent-active vitamin C blend to target signs of aging for visibly firmer, brighter skin
🔘 Powered by kangaroo paw flower, Kakadu plum, and cloudberry, this eye cream is rich in antioxidants that visibly boost skin’s radiance and smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles
🔘 It also contains rose quartz to inspire love and acceptance of ourselves and others

My verdict?
I knew going in, at the very least, I would have the most beautiful vanity with this product sitting on it! Thankfully, it’s more than just a pretty jar! I have only been using this for a week, but so far, I really enjoy what I have experienced. The texture appears thick, but is lightweight and quite hydrating. What makes it super special? Just like the moisturizer, the packaging is refillable and recyclable! So many things to love! It is on the pricey side, but the refill is $44, so the investment becomes more tolerable at that point.

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