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Thursday Thoughts – KISS Beauty Products nails and lashes

September 16, 2021

Thank you to @kissproducts for sending me this fabulous package full of nails and lashes!

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Nails I received:
🔘 Voguish Fantasy Nails in Chill Out ($8.99 –
🔘 imPRESS Press-on Manicure in So French ($8.99 –
🔘 imPRESS Color Press-On Manicure in Point Pink ($7.39 –

Lashes and lash accessories I received:
🔘 My Lash But Better in Blessed ($4.99 –
🔘 Lash Couture Matte Black Faux Mink in Matte Satin ($7.99 –
🔘 My Lash But Better in So Real ($4.99 –
🔘 Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit in #07 ($16.99 –
🔘 Felt Tip Glue Liner Lash Adhesive in Clear and Black ($9.99 each –

My verdict:
How do you false lash wearers keep track of your used but not used up lashes?! I wore the ones pictured (the style Blessed) for only a couple of hours and I already lost one! It’s obvious I’m not meant to wear them on a regular basis. However, if I were to, I would have no issue doing so with @kissproducts! They are super comfortable and they have a lash variety for any look you’re going for! As for the nails, how absolutely beautiful are all of these styles?! I can’t pull off the long length, so I’ll be giving away Chill Out, but I am super excited to try out the other two (2) – especially So French!

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