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Worth the Hype Wednesday – MODA Makeup Brushes

September 1, 2021

Thank you to @modabrush and @bzzagent for gifting me the @modabrush 6pc Celestial Blue Travel Kit ($19.99 –, @modabrush 5pc Mini Travel Eye Kit ($11.99 – and @modabrush Crease ($5.99 –!

More about @modabrush:
🔘 Every @modabrush brush is vegan and cruelty-free, featuring a unique blend of ultra-soft filaments for superior application
🔘 @modabrush brushes are made with durable, aluminum ferrules for extended longevity
🔘 With water-resistant handles in every shape and color, there’s a @modabrush brush to fit every style

My verdict?
It’s not often that I get sent makeup brushes, so I was super excited for this package for that reason, but also because I, surprisingly, had never tried @modabrush! Since I also have so many brushes, I am reserving the Mini Travel Eye Kit and Crease for a future giveaway! The Celestial Blue Travel Kit, however, was a must try for me and I was super impressed by how each one performed! I was also surprised because I was able to do my full face of makeup using only these five (5)! I used the Complexion for my foundation, concealer, cream bronzer and cream blush, the Powder to set my under eyes and t-zone, the Highlight for my highlighter, the Crease for my all over lid color and the Eye Shader to deepen up my crease and add color to my lower lash line. They all applied product beautifully and I can definitely see myself traveling with this set!

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