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What I’m Wearing Wednesday – Outfit details

July 28, 2021

We’re still all in agreement that thick thighs save lives? Ok, good. Now, onto this outfit. I hate shorts. Even though my thighs may keep spills from falling onto the floor, they also make it very difficult to find shorts that fit comfortably. So, I have begun a mission to find jean shorts that are long, but not too long, loose, but not too loose and high waisted. Here’s the first pair I’m trying out!

Outfit details:
🔘 Top: All in Favor V-Neck T-Shirt from @nordstrom
⚫️ This exact top is no longer available, but, in its place, I highly recommend the @americaneagle Oversized Soft & Sexy V-Neck T-Shirt (normally $24.95, but currently on sale for $18.71 –
🔘 Shorts: @express Super High Waisted Knit Raw Hem Curvy Mom Jean Shorts (normally $60, but currently on sale for $45 –
⚫️ I am normally a size 8-10 in pants and I purchased a size 8 in these.
⚫️ While I love the length in the front, the rise and the cut of the leg, any bending at my waist would reveal a whole lot more than I would ever want to. If you have thighs that are on the thick side, but a small butt, these would be perfect for you. Since I am thick in both places, these just won’t work for me.
🔘 Shoes: @aerosoles Clovis Banded Slide Sandal (normally $79, but currently on sale for $59 –
⚫️ These are so comfortable and I love that they can transition from day to night so easily! I may even pick up another color!

My verdict?
While I wouldn’t consider this first attempt at finding the perfect jean short for me a failure, it isn’t a homerun, so I’ll keep looking! If you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comment section!

If you order through my links, make sure you also use @rakuten to get hassle-free cash back:

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