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Transformation Tuesday – Hair toning with Painted by James

July 20, 2021

As I alluded to yesterday in my giveaway announcement in partnership with @paintedbyjames, the products that you all have a chance to win were some of the same products that James used to transform the blonde I walked in with (left side of the side-by-side in photo two (2)) into the blonde I walked out with (right side of the side-by-side in photo two (2))!

🔘 I arrived with dirty hair that I hadn’t used any toning products (purple shampoo, for example) on since the first week of May.
🔘 James started with a Malibu treatment to clarify my hair.
🔘 The “before” photo on the left (photo two (2)) was after the Malibu treatment and non-toning cleansing products.
🔘 After we took our styled, pre-toned photos, James washed my hair again, but this time using the @kerastase_official Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo ($35 – and @kerastase_official Fusiodose Concentré Ultra Violet. He left the shampoo on for five (5) minutes before applying the toning deep conditioner and then rinsed.
🔘 To style my hair, he applied the @kerastase_official Cicaplasme Heat Protecting Serum ($39 – for heat protection and @kerastase_official Mousse Bouffante Volumizing Hair Mousse ($29 – for hold. After drying with a round brush, he applied @kerastase_official Sérum Thérapiste Resistance Serum ($39 – to seal. Finally, he curled it to achieve the look you see on the right side of photo two (2)!

My verdict?
Even though I would still say my hair looked amazing after @paintedbyjames styled it the first time, the difference after using those @kerastase_official toning products is so impressive! Using products like these, especially with the assistance of a professional, is a less expensive way to refresh your hair and make it look like you just got out of a color appointment!

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