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Thursday Thoughts – Glamnetic Magnetic False Lashes and Liner

June 24, 2021

I love long, full eyelashes, but have always attempted to get those results with only mascara. I had tried applying false lashes in the past, but had very little luck in making them look anything but very fake. So, when @glamnetic reached out to me to see if I wanted to try some of their super popular magnetic lashes, I was a bit hesitant. However, I then realized that having someone like me test them could really help my audience. Basically, if I can do it, anyone can!

What I received:
🔘 Lucky ($30 for 1 pair –
⚫️ Cat-eye shape and natural looking length
🔘 Babygirl (normally $29.99, but on sale for $23.99 –
⚫️ Wispy round lash that looks very natural on the eye and feels super lightweight as well
🔘 Soo Future! Magnetic Liner Pen (normally $42.99, but on sale for $34.39 –
⚫️ Deep Space (black)

More about their lashes:
🔘 Reusable up to sixty (60) times
🔘 6 magnets for a powerful hold on our magnetic liner
🔘 Waterproof and wind-proof
🔘 Made from a high-quality synthetic fiber – 100% vegan
🔘 Comes with 4 lash anchors that can strengthen the hold of your lash and keep them in place all day long

My verdict?
I’ll start by saying the concept and execution of these lashes is absolutely incredible! Now, for the issues I had and how I tried to resolve them. I am not a pro with liquid eyeliner and this one is no exception. To resolve that, I just need to practice more. When I would apply them in the morning, they would look amazing. By the middle of the day, they would be lifting. To resolve that, I started using the anchors they include. Those were a game changer for me (note that I wasn’t wearing them in the Lucky photo, but I was wearing them in the Babygirl photo)! So, will I start wearing false lashes every day? No way. Will I wear them more often on special occasions because of how easy @glamnetic has made it? Yes! I plan to pass Babygirl onto a friend because they’re a bit too bold for me, but I will get a lot of use of Lucky!

FYI, I receive a small commission when you shop via some of the links listed above.

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