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What I Think Wednesday – CLIO Superproof Mascaras

June 2, 2021

#cliogiftedme their @clio_official Superproof Mascara in Volume Curling, Long Curling and Sleek Volume ($18 each for .24 ounces – and, as a mascara lover, I couldn’t wait to test them all out!

What they claim:
🔘 A soft gel formula base and wax ingredients that give a neat finish without clumping
🔘 A formula with powerful resistance to water, sweat, and oil! No flaking or smudging

🔘 In photo one (1), I am wearing Volume Curling.
🔘 In photo three (3), I am wearing Sleek Volume.
🔘 In photo five (5), I am wearing Volume Curling on my left eye and Long Curling on my right eye.

My verdict?
I am not sure I have ever used a product that I loved some things about, but absolutely despised others. For the positives, this is very, very long wearing. It never smudged in the over twelve (12) hours I wore each formula for. It also did provide me a lot of length and in just one (1) coat – which is impressive! Now, for the negatives. It’s impossible to build this up in more than one (1) coat because it’s so drying. Your lashes will feel real stiff once the formula dries and it dries quickly. Also, all of the formulas almost instantly clump my lashes together and I am really careful when applying it. I need to wait for the formula to dry and then use tweezers to separate them. They still look messy, no matter how much time I spend doing that. Finally, because it’s such a “superproof” formula, it’s basically impossible to remove. I need to use an oil for several minutes in order to get it about 80% removed. Needless to say, even though there are some positives about these mascaras, I won’t purchase them with my own money in the future. I will likely use them on the hottest, most humid days of the year because I’m sure it won’t smudge, but, in the long run, the cons outweigh the pros for me.

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