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Try Out Tuesday – Redken Volume Maximizer Thickening Spray

June 1, 2021

Thank you to @bzzagent and @redken for gifting me the @redken Volume Maximizer Thickening Spray (this is a brand new product, so I am unable to find the price –!

What it claims:
🔘 A lightweight volumizing spray for all hair types and textures that adds weightless, flexible volume to the hair
🔘 Instant results for thicker-looking hair
🔘 Adds flexible volume to your hair from the root to the ends
🔘 Formulated with ceramides and polymers to help provide the hair with all day volume and body

My verdict?
I absolutely love trying new hair volumizing products, so I couldn’t wait to test this out! Unfortunately, it left me feeling very underwhelmed. The first issue I discovered was during application. I expected a mist, but what I got was a single stream of product that would land only in the exact spot I put it. That left me spraying more than I normally would and attempting to work the concentrated product with my fingers into the rest of my hair. I could have looked past that if it had given me excellent volume, however, that it did not do. I couldn’t even tell I had any product in my hair whatsoever. Suffice it to say, I will be donating this and hoping it will work at all on someone else’s hair.

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