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First Impression Friday – Rare Beauty Pore Diffusing Primer

May 7, 2021

As someone who has tried many makeup primers in their lifetime, I have had my fair share of positive and negative experiences. However, I still look forward to hopefully finding my holy grail each time I get the chance to try something new! Today, thanks to @octoly and @rarebeauty, it’s the @rarebeauty Pore Diffusing Primer ($26 for .94 ounces –

What it claims:
🔘 A hydrating, cushiony gel primer that blurs the look of pores and fine lines, boosts and extends makeup wear, and helps fight shine all day

My verdict?
I have used this on four (4) separate occasions, in combination with three (3) different foundations. The texture is really nice and it makes my skin feel hydrated and smoothed. Unfortunately, once I put my foundation on top, it became difficult for me to notice a difference in the appearance of my pores. I also didn’t find that it kept me as or more matte than my current favorite mattifying primer ( As with most primers I have tried that have a texture like this, I was left underwhelmed. I will likely pass this onto a friend or family member.

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