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Thursday Thoughts – sunglasses

May 6, 2021

Thank you to @discountglasses for sending these sunglasses my way!

What I received:
🔘 Westend Highlands ($29.95 –
⚫️ Pictured on me in photo one (1)
🔘 Westend Lewis Center ($29.95 –
⚫️ Pictured at the top of photo two (2)
🔘 Westend Bexley ($29.95 –
⚫️ Pictured second from the top of photo two (2)
🔘 Westend Georgetown ($29.95 –
⚫️ Pictured at the bottom of photo two (2)

My verdict?
If you hadn’t already noticed, I have a larger than normal sized head and that makes shopping for sunglasses difficult. So, when I saw that the Westend brand categorized some of their sunglasses as “Large,” I thought those might be a safe bet. Unfortunately none of them were large enough. I liked the style of the Highlands the most on me, but I will still be giving them away to someone they would fit better. The Lewis Center will be gifted to my sister and the Bexley to my oldest niece and they each looked fantastic in their pairs – mostly because they fit them much better than they fit me. As for the packaging, I wanted to make sure to highlight that because it was fantastic! All pairs even came with their own really nice case.

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