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Thursday Thoughts – @LancomeUSA Clarifique Face Essence

April 22, 2021

Thank you to @bzzagent and @lancomeofficial for gifting me the @lancome Clarifique Face Essence ($95 for 5 ounces at @ultabeauty –!

What it claims:

🔘 An exfoliating & hydrating essence with Glycolic Acid that visibly improves uneven skin texture & tone while minimizing the appearance of pores

🔘 Immediately, skin feels hydrated, plump, and softer to the touch: skin is better prepared for face care

🔘 After 1 week, skin looks luminous & radiant: skin texture & tone are improved

🔘 After 4 weeks, skin is revitalized: skin feels purified & refreshed, pores appear tighter

My verdict?

First of all, some may be asking what essence is. According to @lancomeofficial, it’s “…a primer for your skincare. Essences help absorb the products you apply afterward, helping the rest of your skincare routine work better, all while providing unique & targeted benefits.” After trying my first essence not that long ago, it quickly became one of my favorite steps in my daily skincare routine and that’s exactly why I was super excited to test this out! I haven’t been using it for four (4) weeks yet, so I can’t speak to the pore tightening, but I have absolutely experienced more luminosity and hydration! I even had this in my very own shopping cart before receiving notice that I’d be sent it for free and no matter what way I had acquired it, I’m really happy to have it incorporated into my regimen!

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