Worth the Price Wednesday – @Dior BACKSTAGE Face & Body Primer

March 24, 2021

I received this generous sample of @diormakeup BACKSTAGE Face & Body Primer ($36 for 1.7 ounces – and I don’t normally splurge on luxury brands that I haven’t been able to test first, so I was excited to see if this is something I would spend my money on to upgrade to the full size!

What it claims:

🔘 A lightweight, universal primer that helps makeup last longer, blurs imperfections, and delivers up to 24 hours of hydration for an enhanced complexion

🔘 This primer creates a naturally-enhanced, even, and luminous complexion for a touch-up effect and foundation that lasts all day

My verdict?

In the photo, I am wearing this product only on the right side of my face (your left). On the left side of my face (your right), I am wearing only my normal skincare – no primer underneath the foundation. It was also taken nine (9) hours into wear. When I asked @silsetham which side looked better, he looked for a moment and then said that the right side of my face looked smoother and less powdery. When I examined my face in the mirror I noticed the same thing – my pores were less noticeable and the makeup had lasted slightly better on the primed side. That along with the fact that I love the texture, how soft it makes my skin feel, the scent and how little product it takes to cover my entire face, I would definitely consider purchasing this in the future!

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