Thursday Thoughts – @Itcosmetics Brow Power Micro Universal Defining Eyebrow Pencil

March 18, 2021

As a lover of @itcosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($25 for .005 ounces – – see my original review of that pencil here:, but normally a bigger fan of thinner pencils, I couldn’t wait to test out Brow Power Micro Universal Defining Eyebrow Pencil ($25 for .0017 ounces –!

What it claims:

🔘 Micro-fine oval pencil tip mimics the look of real hair to achieve a microbladed effect-easily!

🔘 Budge-proof formula adheres to skin for long-lasting natural brow look

🔘 Universal taupe shade transforms to all hair colors-even gray-based on pressure

🔘 Built-in spooley brush delivers natural, polished perfection

My verdict?

There is so much I adore about this pencil! The shade, the precision tip, the spoolie, the longevity – all great! However, I can’t overlook the amount of product you get for the price. It’s the same dollar amount as it’s thicker counterpart, but contains less than half the pencil. It’s also on the higher end of other higher end options. If this pencil ever goes on sale, I will definitely repurchase. Until then, I’ll just enjoy what I have left of this one!

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