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Thursday Thoughts – @COLABhair Dry Shampoo + Overnight Renew

March 4, 2021

Have I told you before that I am obsessed with dry shampoo? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do! It’s an essential part of my routine and I can’t imagine life without it, so when a unique concept related to dry shampoo is introduced to me, I jump at the chance to test it out! Thank you to @colabhair for sending me your Dry Shampoo + Overnight Renew ($6.38 for 4.1 ounces at @walmart –!

What it claims:

🔘 An innovative new formula that works whilst you sleep to renew, refresh and care for your hair and scalp

🔘 With notes of amber and tonka – plus eucalyptus and lavender essential oils – this soft, calming scent will leave you hair (and pillow) smelling incredible so you can wake up to dreamy, revitalised locks

🔘 Just spray and sleep!

🔘 Enriched with pink clay, this incredible new formula not only effectively absorbs oil but also provides an amazing overnight detox for your hair

🔘 And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a treat for your scalp, enriched with ingredients to condition and care

🔘 @colabhair is against animal testing, totally cruelty-free and vegan-friendly

My verdict?

First off, can we talk about the packaging? Absolutely beautiful! Also, as it claims, the scent is nice and relaxing right before bed. It isn’t my most favorite scent of all time, but it’s far from my least! When it comes to performance, for the incredibly low price tag it comes with, I am quite impressed. I apply a generous amount before bed and wake up with grease-free hair. Unfortunately, that look fades around six (6) or eight (8) hours into my day. Since I am used to twice as long as that with my current favorite dry shampoo, I will use these up, but won’t repurchase. However, if you like a less than industrial strength dry shampoo that doesn’t leave a cast and is super affordable, I would definitely recommend you pick this up!

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