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Friday Favorite – @KORAORGANICS Milky Mushroom Cleansing Oil

February 12, 2021

#koraorganicsgiftedme their @koraorganics Milky Mushroom Cleansing Oil ($40 for 5 ounces – and I couldn’t wait to test it out because, when it comes to makeup removers, I am very picky. I wear a lot of makeup and I can’t be bothered to have the removal process take as long as the application process, so I look for oils (since balms have a tendency to clog my drains) that remove makeup efficiently and leave my skin feeling as though it isn’t stripped of what’s natural, along with what isn’t.

What it claims:

🔘 This ultra-nourishing cleanser transforms into a milky texture that gently melts away signs of oil, dirt, and makeup

🔘 It contains antioxidant rich ingredients and essential fatty acids that help bind moisture to your skin leaving it smooth, hydrated, and plump

🔘 This product is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging

My verdict?

If you could already tell by the fact that it’s “Friday Favorite,” I am in love with this cleanser! From the packaging (absolutely stunning!) to the performance, this product is truly one of the best I’ve tried in this category! The texture is so divine and doesn’t leave any greasy residue that I enjoy the extra seconds it takes to remove some of my more stubborn mascara, but once it looks like it’s off, it really is. When I go to use my toner after, I am shocked by how little makeup residue is still on my skin! While the price is substantially higher than my current favorite, my current favorite doesn’t come in recyclable packaging and that’s pretty valuable to me! I will absolutely be purchasing this with my own money in the future!

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