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Thankful Thursday – @derma_e hair and skincare products

February 11, 2021

Thank you to @dermae for sending me this very generous package of hair and skin goodies!

What I received:

💙 Scalp Relief Treatment ($13.95 –

💙 Bonding Hair Repair Oil ($11.95 –

💙 Keratin Thickening Spray ($13.85 –

💙 Scalp Relief Shampoo ($11.75 –

💙 Scalp Relief Conditioner ($11.75 –

💙 Thickening Shampoo ($9.99 –

💙 Thickening Conditioner ($9.99 –

💙 Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum ($22.50 –

💙 Blue Light Shield Spray ($16.95 –

My verdict?

I haven’t had a chance to try all of these @dermae products yet, but I did use the Scalp Relief Shampoo and Conditioner and loved them! If you use an abundance of hair products and/or don’t wash your hair every day, you will love the way your scalp feels after using these! That same day, I also tested out the Bonding Hair Repair Oil, which made my hair so soft and silky, and the Keratin Thickening Spray, which I really think gave me a good amount of volume! I had tested the Blue Light products previously and enjoyed my experience with those, too. I look forward to trying the other products, as I have a good feeling I’ll be just as pleased with those as with what I have already tried!

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