Swatch Saturday – @lagirlusa Shockwave Eyeliners

February 6, 2021

I have a really hard time getting pencil eyeliners to last in my waterline, so when I saw a video from @theresa_is_dead talking about how she also struggles with that same issue and what eyeliners she has discovered work for her, I knew I needed to try some of them out and the ones that stood out the most were the @lagirlcosmetics Shockwave Eyeliners ($4.49 for .04 ounces – – and I’m sure you can see why!

Shades swatched (top to bottom):

💜 Vivid

💚 Gotcha

💙 Electric

💙 Fresh

What they claim:

🔘 You might want to take a seat before you swatch, because the Shockwave Neon eyeliner will have you shook

🔘 Shockingly vivid colors glide on creamy pigment with a full-coverage finish that lasts up to 16 hours

🔘 The soft plastic pencil can be sharpened with a sharpener for precise application every time

🔘 You’ve never seen neon done like this

My verdict?

I absolutely love all of these! As I mentioned in my full review of Vivid (, the vibrancy and longevity of these liners is better than most every low, mid and high end eyeliner that I’ve ever tried. The pop of color works so well with colorful looks, as well as all over neutral looks to add a bit of pizazz. I will absolutely repurchase every color I own as soon as I run out of each!

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