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Subscription Box Saturday – Cheeky Lisa’s February Subscription Box

January 23, 2021

If you are a subscription box fan, boy, have I got a fun one for you! If you saw my first collaboration with @cheekylisaco (, you would know that creativity and humor are of the utmost importance to her and that’s especially made clear when you unbox one of her monthly subscription boxes! You’ll be lucky to get one, though, since they usually sell out in less than 24 hours!

How it works:

🔘 Subscription boxes become available on the 1st of every month

🔘 Only 45 will be available for March

🔘 $55 each and come with a shirt, a tumbler and a BUNCH of accessories to fit that month’s theme

If you don’t want a subscription box, but still want to shop @cheekylisaco’s website (, I can save you 15% when you use code KatieBlogs15! The code won’t work on subscription boxes or her $12 shirt sales, but it will work on everything else and, trust me when I say, you’ll find something you love!

My verdict?

My favorite item is, obviously, the mug, but I also love the fit and design of the shirt and all of the other cute accessories really got me in the Valentine’s Day mood! The item that made me laugh out loud was the card because, having been together for over ten (10) years, this instantly made me think of me and @silsetham!

If you want to be the first to know about every release @cheekylisaco has to offer, make sure you join this group:

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