Worth the Hype Wednesday – @kvdveganbeauty Everlasting Blush in Rosebud

January 20, 2021

Blush has to be the beauty item I have been most obsessed with lately, so when I start hearing hype from sources I trust about a certain new release, I feel the need to add it to my cart instantly and that’s exactly what I did with the @kvdveganbeauty Everlasting Blush ($26 for. 22 ounces –!

What it claims:

🔘 A high-pigment, petal-soft blush that blends effortlessly into skin for an intense bloom of transfer-resistant color that lasts all day

🔘 This blush contains silky, micro-milled powder that is highly pigmented yet velvety as a rose petal, allowing it to blend effortlessly into skin

🔘 A bouquet of six shades offers a range of depths for every complexion each in a rose compact

My experience:

🔘 I purchased the shade Rosebud and it’s described as a “dusty mauve-pink.”

👍🏻 I absolutely love the packaging. It’s unique and so well done.

👍🏻 The shade is stunning. It’s highly pigmented, so you can either go bold or soft, depending on how much you put on your brush.

👍🏻 While $26 may seem steep for a blush, it’s actually on the lower end, when you take into account the amount of product you get, of similar high end brands.

👍🏻 The lasting power was spectacular! The lighting wasn’t great, but you can still tell that I’m wearing blush and this photo was taken ten (10) hours after initial application.

My verdict?

From the pigment to the packaging to the price to the longevity, I am in love with this product! What don’t I like? The fact that now I want all of the shades and my wallet (and limited makeup storage) aren’t ready! If you have been looking to add a blush to your collection and you like any of the shades this comes in, I highly recommend you try it for yourself!

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