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Worth the Hype Wednesday – @DERMAFLASH DERMAPORE Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser

January 6, 2021

Thank you to @dermaflash for gifting me your DERMAPORE Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser ($99 –! When I saw @glamlifeguru give a rave review of this product back in April, 2020, I knew I wanted to test it out, so I am happy I now have the opportunity to do so!

What it claims:

🔘 A unique 2-in-1 ultrasonic device that helps unclog pores and infuse your favorite skincare

🔘 In Extract Mode, it deep cleans your pores by removing dirt, oil, and blackheads, and in Infuse Mode, it enhances the absorption of active ingredients in your favorite serums and moisturizers to instantly reveal clear, healthy skin

🔘 Clinically proven, technologically advanced skincare devices that instantly reveals flawless, glowing skin

🔘 Spa-quality results at home

🔘 Sonic and ultrasonic technology

🔘 Creates a flawless canvas for makeup application

My experience:

🔘 I have used both the extractor and infuser once, back to back.

👍🏻 First, I wet my face, per the instructions, to use the extractor. I was a bit nervous at first, but the directions were easy to understand and the process was completely painless.

👍🏻 Watching numerous how-to videos, I expected a massive amount of gunk to be removed from my pores. While I didn’t experience exactly that, as you can tell by photo five (5) (in comparison to the clean extractor in photo six (6)), it definitely did something. I also knew something had been achieved because my skin was so smooth!

👍🏻 Second, I applied a @dermae oil ( and pressed it into my skin using the infuser side. It was so relaxing and it felt like it was doing a great job of really getting the skincare absorbed into my skin.

My verdict?

I have tried several skincare tools throughout my life and this, even after using it only once, I can say, without a doubt, is one of the best! It’s attractive, compact, user-friendly, quick and gives results instantly – what more could you ask for?!

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