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Transformation Tuesday – Brow lamination w/ @nikirobison

January 5, 2021

Time for yet another jaw-dropping before and after, thanks to @nikirobisonbrows! The top photo was taken when I came in. Brows were filled in, but hadn’t been tweezed or waxed since the middle of October! As you can see, they were in desperate need of a clean up. Normally, I get a simple brow wax (still incredible with @nikirobisonbrows), but this time I opted for brow lamination. I have done it several times in the past and am obsessed with the results each and every time!

What is brow lamination like with @nikirobisonbrows?

“Brow Lamination or glaze is the newest, trending service for your brows and I am thrilled to be one of the first technicians to offer this treatment in Minnesota! The process starts with grooming your eyebrows so they are all perfectly molded and uniform to lay flat in one direction. We can manipulate the shape in the mirror and choose whether you would like them fluffy and bold, or slightly brushed to the side to create a softer look. After we create the shape you prefer, the lamination or perming process takes place. To complete the experience, I will trim, wax, and tweeze your brows and add a complimentary eyebrow tint if desired. The entire process takes approximately an hour and your new look will last about 8 weeks and grow out gradually. You will be truly amazed with the results!”

For even more information, check out the blog that @nikirobisonbrows wrote about the process: https://nikirobison.wordpress.com/2020/08/23/all-about-eyebrow-lamination/

I highly recommend you look into this service, if you’ve been curious!

📸: @nikirobisonbrows

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