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Skincare Sunday – @tincbotanica After Tattoo Healing Salve

December 20, 2020

How you care for your tattoo during healing is so incredibly important and one of the most vital steps is to keep it moisturized. When I scheduled my tattoo appointment with Celena several months ago, as soon as I was on the books, I reached out to Amanda, owner of @tincbotanica, and asked if she had anything that could help me with this. She said she didn’t already, so she went ahead and made one for me! To say I was excited would be a massive understatement!


🔘 @tincbotanica After Tattoo Healing Salve (2.0 ounces)

⚫️ Ingredients:

⚪️ Refined shea butter

⚪️ Raw shea butter

⚪️ Beeswax

⚪️ Calendula-infused oil

⚪️ Plantain-infused oil

⚪️ Oregon grape root-infused oil

⚪️ Vitamin E

⚫️ How to use:

⚪️ Gently spread a light layer on freshly inked skin throughout the day, making sure not to disturb any scabs. Take care to ensure that the skin can breathe!

My verdict?

This is everything I could have asked for and then some! It’s so incredibly moisturizing and is not the least bit irritating (you would be surprised at how easily a new tattoo can feel irritated)! I have used this 2-3 times per day and each time I apply it, I feel instant hydration and relief. If you have a tattoo appointment scheduled, I highly recommend you reach out to @tincbotanica to get a couple tins for yourself in preparation!

This product is not currently available in @tincbotanica’s @etsy shop (, but it can be ordered by messaging her directly on Instagram.

Also, in the box of goodies I was gifted was another custom request – Natural After Piercing Spray. Once my tattoo has healed a bit, I plan to get a new piercing and will be sure to put it to the test and let you all know how that works out!

FYI, I receive a small commission when you shop via the link listed above. There is no additional cost to you, but it supports me and my blog and I greatly appreciate it!

📸: @emily_olsonnnnn

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