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Must Have Monday – @PatternBeauty Mist Spray Bottle

December 7, 2020

I never thought I would be telling you that you need a spray bottle, but this one is different! I spent far too long using a traditional spray bottle that leaked everywhere. I can say, without a doubt, this has made my life easier and so much less messy!


🔘 @patternbeauty Mist Spray Bottle ($13 –

⚫️ Because every curly needs one, introducing the PATTERN Mist Spray Bottle to infuse hair when a little extra moisture is needed to get the job done. Featuring the premium Flairosol airless technology, this spray bottle produces a beautiful continuous fine mist in a prolonged spray that can be used in all directions to hit tough-to-reach spots and angles. The bottle is a completely aerosol-free sprayer, so no harmful propellant gases or pressurized containers will negatively affect the environment or your health. Use to your heart’s content with water or homemade concoctions featuring your favorite PATTERN products.

My verdict?

I definitely use this to dampen my hair, but what I most commonly need a spray bottle for is taking the wrinkles out of my clothes and this works like a dream for that! If you have been looking high and low for a gift for someone that’s incredibly difficult to buy for, I highly recommend this. It also makes an excellent teacher or Secret Santa gift!

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