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Holiday Gift Guide

November 27, 2020

Here is my holiday gift guide! Some items are currently on sale, some items may go on sale for Black Friday and some are full price. All, however, are owned and loved by me and I highly recommend each one!

🔘 Spray bottle:

🔘 Ice and snow boots:

🔘 Rain boots:

🔘 Body wash:

🔘 Body spray scent:

🔘 Dry shampoo:

🔘 LED nail lamp:

🔘 Gel top and base coats:

🔘 Gel polish:

🔘 Affordable gel polish:

🔘 Nail polish brand:

🔘 Other favorite nail polish brand:

🔘 Hand cream:

🔘 One of my favorite candle brands:

🔘 T-shirt (size down):

🔘 Other favorite t-shirt:

🔘 Faux leather jacket:

🔘 Bras:

🔘 Oversized sweater (size down):

🔘 Brow gel:

🔘 Joggers:

🔘 Dress shirt:

🔘 Other favorite dress shirt:

🔘 Robe:

🔘 Lip mask:

🔘 Overnight moisturizer:

🔘 Loose setting powder:

🔘 Phone cases:

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FYI, I receive a small commission when you shop via some of the links listed above. There is no additional cost to you.

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