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Thursday Thoughts – @sexyhair High Standards Volumizing Blow Out Spray

November 26, 2020

I received this High Standards Volumizing Blow Out Spray complimentary from @sexyhair and, as a lover of big hair, I couldn’t wait to see if it would live up to its claims! You can get this product for $19.95 for 6.8 ounces on @amazon –

What it claims:

🔘 Infused with collagen and provides added volume for styles that make a BIG statement

🔘 This lightweight spray helps to improve manageability and smoothness, while also providing humidity resistance, style memory and shine

My verdict?

The way I test the efficacy of a hair volumizing product is to wash my hair, apply the product and then blow dry it using a round brush. I keep my hair straight (when I remember) because that’s the real determining factor – can you give me noticeable lift when my fine hair is straight. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice much of a difference between using this product and using nothing at all. As you can tell by the photo, something is there, but it didn’t last. I expect my hair to be quite textured and gritty after applying a volumizing product, but I felt none of that. My hair was silky and smooth, which normally would be great, but that wasn’t the look I was hoping to achieve. I won’t be purchasing this once it runs out.

If you order this, make sure you use @rakuten to get cash back:

FYI, I receive a small commission when you shop via the link listed above. There is no additional cost to you, but it supports me and my blog and I greatly appreciate it!

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