Try Out Tuesday – @UrbanDecay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencil in Deep End

November 3, 2020

As a lover of colored eyeliners, when I heard great reviews of the @urbandecaycosmetics 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencil in Deep End ($22 for .04 ounces – and then saw it on sale a few weeks back, I knew I needed to add it to my collection and crossed my fingers that it would live up to the hype!

What it claims:

🔘 A creamy, richly pigmented eyeliner that glides on super smooth – no dragging or skipping – stays soft for blending, then dries to a long-lasting finish that won’t budge

🔘 Waterproof eyeliner pencil designed for all day wear

🔘 Created with 50% moisturizing ingredients, vitamin E, jojoba oil, and cottonseed oil

🔘 Cruelty free & vegan

My experience:

👍🏻 The color is absolutely stunning! It’s described as a “bright metallic peacock shimmer.”

🔘 I wore this on both my waterline and upper lash line for an over twelve (12) hour wear test and I took the photo around hour ten (10) of wear.

👍🏻 It’s creamy, but not too creamy to feel like I had no control during application onto my upper lash line.

👍🏻 It’s super pigmented, so it glided easily onto my waterline.

👎🏻 Unfortunately, only a couple of hours into wear, it began traveling into the corners of my eyes.

👍🏻👎🏻 I could see that the product I placed on my waterline was fading, but noticed no difference in color intensity and pigmentation on my upper lash line, so I assumed most, if not all, of the bleeding was coming from my waterline.

My verdict?

The color of this pencil is breathtaking. The pigmentation is excellent and the application is easy. However, I will avoid using it on my waterline in the future. Since I can’t be sure how it performed on my upper lash line, I’ll wear it again there with no eyeliner on my waterline. If it doesn’t budge, I’ll keep it and use it for that function only going forward. If it does, I’ll pass it along to someone who has less watery eyes.

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