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Thursday Thoughts – @atollaskinlab personalized serum

September 24, 2020

Ever since I discovered serums, I have included at least one in my daily skincare routine. So, when @atollaskinlab reached out and asked if I would be interested in receiving a serum created specifically for my skin, I jumped at the chance to have something so integral to my regimen customized for me!

More about @atollaskinlab:

“We started Atolla based on our personal experiences dealing with skin issues. We know firsthand the frustration that happens when you can’t figure out what is causing a skin issue or what to do about it. That’s why we created a scientific approach that leverages our similarities and embraces our differences: personalized skincare that evolves with you and makes you the expert of your own skin. We’re excited to learn and grow on this skin journey with you—and to glow brighter together.”

More about my serum:

🔘 Active ingredients:

⚪️ Diacetyl Boldine (3.0%)

⚪️ Ascorbic Acid (0.5%)

🔘 Supporting active ingredients:

⚪️ Radish Seed Extract

⚪️ Argan Nut Oil

⚪️ Olive Fruit Oil

The process:

1. Answer a few questions about your skin history, concerns, and lifestyle/environment. Our data-informed system will then create a custom starter serum to address your current needs.

2. Measure your skin at the end of the month using our Skin Health Kit. Input results directly into your profile – there’s nothing to send back.

3. Our patented algorithm gets to work designing your next serum, using your physical skin data and any noted updates to your lifestyle or environment.

For $45 per month, you get a one (1) month supply of your personalized serum, an At-home Skin Health Kit, a free consultation with an in-house esthetician, free shipping and 100% money-back guarantee!

My verdict?

I am absolutely in love with my personalized serum! It is incredibly hydrating without feeling heavy and greasy and it truly looks like it has even my complexion and brought my skin closer to normal and further away from oily. I am getting the same formulation next month because my Skin Health Kit showed positive progress, so I can’t wait to see what two (2) months of this product can do for my skin!

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