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Mani Monday – @nailtopiabeauty Nails are Nourished Kit

August 24, 2020

Thank you to @nailtopiabeauty for sending me their Nails are Nourished Kit ($10.00 for .34 ounces total –!

What it claims:

🔘 Unlike most nail treatments, Nailtopia’s sustainable formulations are made with bio-sourced, plant-based fruit & vegetables

🔘 Their biotechnology is a greener process that considerably reduces environmental footprint

🔘 Raspberry provides alpha-linolenic and Vitamin E to help nails & cuticles become hydrated and promotes regeneration of cells

🔘 Plant-based AHA/PHA helps to absorb the vitamins & strengthens, hardens, and conditions nails & cuticles

🔘 Real Superfood Infused, 100% Vegan, Leaping Bunny Approved, Non-Toxic and ALL FREE

My experience:

🔘 I first applied this six (6) days ago. I used two (2) coats of the Raspberry Nail Nourishment and one (1) application of Raspberry Cuticle Hydration, per the instructions.

🔘 Before application, my nails were looking dry and felt very weak.

👍🏻 The Nail Nourishment made my nails super shiny, smooth and stronger feeling immediately.

👍🏻 The Cuticle Hydration is not a traditional cuticle oil, which I really enjoy. While cuticle oil feels super hydrating, it’s also quite messy and, well, oily. This product hydrates just as well (actually maybe better), but without the mess because it sinks into the skin so quickly.

👍🏻 The raspberry scent with both of these is so pleasant and unexpected from a nail product!

👍🏻 Normally clear polish chips on me almost instantly, but I didn’t experience any of that until five (5) days in. I removed it all and reapplied yesterday and I can definitely tell my nails feel and look stronger. I haven’t broken one since putting these products on, so that’s a great sign!

My verdict?

I am so happy I was able to test this product out because it has quickly become something I don’t think I’ll ever not have in my nail care collection! I’ll give my final thoughts in a future empties post, but so far, things are looking really good for this product being just what my nails need!

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