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Thursday Thoughts – @IGK_HAIR First Class Dry Shampoo and brand new Detoxifying Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner

August 20, 2020

I am sure you’re tired of hearing this, but I have an all-time favorite dry shampoo and it’s the @igkhair First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo ($27 for 6.3 ounces – or $27 for a full size AND a mini – So, when I got an email from @igkhair that announced the First Class family was expanding to include a shampoo and conditioner, I knew instantly I had to give them a try!

🔘 First Class Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo ($27 for 8 ounces –

⚪️ What it claims:

⚫️ A detoxifying shampoo that gently cleanses by absorbing excess oil and buildup from the scalp and enhancing hair color and shine

⚪️ My verdict?

⚫️ This is such a fantastic product and just what I need to rid my hair of the constant dry shampoo build up I deal with (self-induced, of course)! This is the second detoxifying shampoo I’ve tried and I prefer it over the other due to its texture, which allows it to work easier into my roots.

⚫️ However, just like the other one I’ve tried, it does take a decent amount of product to address all of the areas in which I apply dry shampoo. Thankfully, I don’t use this every time I wash my hair, so it should still last a decent amount of time.

⚫️ Photo two (2) is the morning after my first use of both of these. I used no other products.

🔘 First Class Weightless Replenishing Conditioner ($27 for 8 ounces –

⚪️ What it claims:

⚫️ A weightless conditioner that soothes the scalp and restores bounce and shine without feeling heavy

⚪️ My verdict?

⚫️ This may be one of the best conditioners I’ve ever used. As you can tell in the second photo, my hair looks incredibly clean, but not stripped (thanks to the shampoo) and super hydrated, but not weighed down (thanks to the conditioner)!

⚫️ A little goes a very long way, so I could see this lasting me many months.

Since all of these products are available at @sephora, I highly recommend trying one (or all) and using code WELCOMEBACK to save at least $15!

FYI, I receive a small commission when you shop via the links listed above.

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